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Unleash Your Child’s Creativity

The school holidays are here, and if you’re a parent, you might be wondering how to keep your little ones engaged and entertained. Look no further than Bargain Corner at Albany Creek Village, where you’ll find a treasure trove of art and craft supplies that are perfect for sparking your kids’ creativity and keeping them happily occupied.

Paints for Every Palette

Bargain Corner boasts an extensive range of paints, from vibrant watercolors to versatile acrylics. Whether your child is a budding Picasso or just loves to experiment with colors, these paints are sure to ignite their imagination. Encourage them to explore different techniques and create their own masterpieces that you can proudly display on the fridge.

Add Some Sparkle with Glitter Multi-Packs

What’s arts and crafts without a little glitter? Bargain Corner offers glitter multi-packs in a dazzling array of colors. Let your kids add some sparkle to their projects, from homemade greeting cards to decorative ornaments. It’s an easy way to make their creations truly shine.

Drawing Supplies for Aspiring Artists

For the young artists in your family, there’s a fantastic selection of drawing supplies. Sketchbooks, colored pencils, markers, and more are waiting for your child’s creative touch. Whether they want to illustrate a story or create intricate designs, these supplies are their ticket to artistic expression.

Craft Packs for Endless Possibilities

Craft packs at Bargain Corner are a convenient way to explore various crafts without the hassle of buying individual components. From friendship bracelet kits to paper mache sets, there’s something to pique every child’s interest. These craft packs make for fun family projects or solo adventures in creativity.

Clay and Modeling Supplies

Working with clay and modeling supplies can be a tactile and engaging experience for kids. It’s an opportunity for them to sculpt their ideas into three-dimensional forms. Bargain Corner stocks various types of clay, modeling tools, and kits to help your children bring their imaginative creatures and shapes to life.

Fabric Paint and Dye for Fashionistas

If you have budding fashion designers at home, you’ll be pleased to know that Bargain Corner has fabric paint and dye options. Let your kids jazz up plain t-shirts or create tie-dye wonders on old garments. They can design their own unique fashion statements and wear them with pride.

It’s time to let their imaginations run wild and enjoy quality time together while nurturing their artistic talents. So, head on over to Bargain Corner and get ready for a holiday filled with artful fun!

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