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Need an Extra Push to Keep you Motivated?

Did you know that Jetts Albany Creek offer group training?
Their team of highly qualified trainers will give you that extra push you need to get the best out of every session PLUS they’re for everyone! All ages and all abilities!
Jetts Albany Creek also offer Six Week Challenges!                                                                                    Their 6 Week Challenges help you to make a change that not only can you see and feel the benefits of, but will also allow you to create an ongoing lifestyle change that will make you want to continue long after the 6 weeks are over. The Jetts 6 Week Challenge has everything you need to successfully achieve your goals including:                                                                                           
  • Nutritional information
  • 6 week training program 
  • Exclusive challenge training tank
  • Articles covering all things nutrition, exercise and health
  • Recipes
  • Before and after photos and measurements

For more information, chat to the team at Jetts Albany Creek on (07) 3325 4972

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