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Click & Collect from Coles

Yes you read that right! Click and Collect is now available from Coles Albany Creek Village.

It’s a service where you can order your shopping online and collect it from Coles at a time that suits you. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use this amazing service:

1. Place your order via Coles online here.
2. Choose your pick up location and time.
3. Collect your order by parking your car in either of the 2 designated Click and Collect parks at Albany Creek Village. These are located near the south entrance (see the picture below).
4. Once you arrive call the number displayed on the signs for our Coles staff to personally deliver and pack the groceries into your car.

We are very excited for this service to arrive, making it so easy to shop online and collect your groceries. Not to mention a massive time-saver!

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