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5 Characteristics You Should Look For In Great Bread

Whether you are a carb lover or simply enjoy a good sandwich, there is no reason you shouldn’t have great bread every time. Deciphering the quality of bread is easy if you check for the following characteristics:


  • A nice, crispy crust is a sign of good bread. Bread crust should have a variety of hues from golden brown to a soft golden colour.

Air Pockets

  • Good break should have air pockets; a sign that the dough hasn’t been over-work.

Spring Back

  • High quality bread should spring back when you apply light pressure


  • Bread should have a good flavour; it should not taste like eating air. A good indicator is if you can smell the bread flavour before to biting into it.


  • Although a loaf of bread doesn’t have to look amazing to be tasty, it certainly helps food looking appetising.

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